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Friday, July 13th, 2001

Subject:word em' up.
Time:6:52 pm.
i got that job. i start at 5.75 an hour. not bad. im working in take out.

my mom made me do grocery shopping. eek. i took crissy, we had a good time. the creepy fellow with the austrailian accent was like "gimmie the carts bitches or die!". a direct quote....i swear it.

so after we hit up aldi's we went to amvets and home of the hits. i want anal fest to start so i can get ice cream every day of that week. amazing. i live right down the street from our towns most trashiest gathering ever. im off to make one of my many pizzas i bought today.
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Subject:bob barker is like 85 and he's still doable!
Time:11:14 am.
Mood: blank.
the price is right is on....im missing my morgning line up to write in this. anyway. last night was ok. not the best of times. if erin wasnt thier i wouldve died of bordum. the show started like 3 hours late. all the bands were delayed...witch left count me out to play for 15 minutes. after the show me, erin, alex, and his friend john went to nesters. i ate a hot fudge sundae...i was still hungrey so i ordered a bowl of hot fudge. har har. my mom woke me up 2 hours early for my interview. oh yeah, i have an interview at paynes. and im putting in an application at hollywood video. jon says thier hireing and he'll put in a good word for me. ye ha.

now for my own little poll.

-who else beside me can picture alex being
german and wearing laterhosen? like that boy
from willy wonka. agustus...he rocked.
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Monday, July 9th, 2001

Subject:mood swings.....
Time:3:27 pm.
Mood: irate.
i was in a pised off mood for like 5 seconds. then i was happy. now im super pissed again. i hope brian fucking dies. im not even kidding. i hate him so much. if everyone would die except a slect few, that would be great, thanks.
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Subject:fuck you brian.
Time:12:42 am.
Mood: depressed.
Today was eventfull. i went to crissys grad party, it was fun...i had a good time. i DJ'd for one song, and that was an a teens cover of dancing queen. it was pretty funny, or so i thought. i came home and deric picked me and kevin up, we went to see the living end. i couldve cared less about the first two bands, so me and kevin sat in the front. it was a good show. lori was thier with fred and rich. rich is cute, last summer hes like.."come be in our band". we meet up with danielle and erin, so our group and thier group went to nesters. so much fun. erin told us how she was lactating, and kept asking dannile if she had "enough milk in her oatmeal". eww. so i come home from a really fun day/night...to get a sinking feeling in my stomache. like somehting is somehow wrong. i dont know. oh well, if im worried about what i think happened, then no big deal. its nothing that important, or i "need".

on a completly diffrent note, i feel like i had my heart broken all over again. brian randomly starts a conversation with me. "any new boys?" he asks me. obviously the only reason he asked me that is so i can ask him the same question. i didnt have to. so he starts talking about kate. now....me and kate have just started being friends again. not even friends...just people that talk. anyway. i thought it was weird he was bringing up something old and done with. i was like, "why are you fucking talking about this now asshole?" and hes like, "because me and kate are dating now...thats why". the only reason he started tlaking to me was so he could puposly tell me that hes dating kate, to purposely hurt me. yes, i have a boyfriend now...but still. i liked him alot. i really didnt even know him all that well. then when i stopped talking to him it seemed like he was yelling at me. "me and kate have nothing to do with you", he said that out of nowhere. like, thanks asshole for opening up a closed wound. fuck you brian. die.
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Saturday, July 7th, 2001

Subject:a day to remember....
Time:3:39 am.
Tonight was definitly a great time. it started out shitty by me having to go to the doctors. she poked me and made my stomache hurt...all day. alex came over around 5.30, we left for the show. the car ride was fun. we got thier...dashboard confessional was great, and so was the anniversary. saves the day was so much fun. good times. after the show we went to dennys where we meet up with frankie and his girl. sweetest girl ever. frankie is a good time. i like him. we tried to go to a walmart but it was closed. bah. so we just went back to dennys. so much fun. that was my night. summer rules. car rides with people you like rule. i love being happy. not just like.."yeah, im happy...fuck you". but seriously happy. its good, and im enjoying myself.
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Thursday, July 5th, 2001

Subject:pooty tang......and manderin oranges
Time:1:49 am.
i dont feel like wrighting. so if you actually care to know what i did tonight go read evans entry. mine will start when i was sleeping...yes folks, thats right. i was tired to i fell asleep, evan let alex in and he came over and woke me up. grrr i say to him. then he hands me an american nightmare hood. it looks GAPish he tells me. i still like it. we went to the fire works. they wernt as good as i remember them being when i was little. we came back to my house and watched shawshecnk redemption. amazing movie, easily one of my favorites. im babling...im tired. good night, and fuck you.
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Wednesday, July 4th, 2001

Subject:i stole this from doug ass well
Time:7:13 pm.
I see: the copmputer screen
I need: food, im starving
I find: an old porn magazine when i least expected to
I want: a smootch
I wish: it wasnt going to rain
I love: no one and/or nothing
I hate: Alex
I miss: Watermellon boy
I fear: ALex's weiner
I feel: sexy
I hear: my parents scrumpin
I smell: pooty tang
I crave: my hunka man
I search: for love
I wonder: how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop
I regret: those 3 biscuits i ate for lunch

When was the last time you ...

Smiled?: when Evan kicked my ass
Laughed?: when Evan kicked my ass
Cried?: when Evan kicked my ass
Bought something? bought some porn the other day
Danced?: when Evan kicked my ass
Were sarcastic?: right before Evan kicked my ass
Kissed someone?: when roxy came to me with a hurt butt
Talked to an ex?: beats me, this is Evan typing
watched your favorite movie?: Today i saw cat's and dogs
Had a nightmare?: somethin about living on a farm...

A Last time for everything.......

Last book you read: that dirty old porn
Last movie you saw: cats and dogs
Last song you heard: ummm... modest mouse - talkin shit about a pretty sunset
Last thing you had to drink: brisk ice tea
Last time you showered: pfft... shower? hippies rock my socks!
Last thing you ate: doritos

Do You...

Smoke?: constantly
Do drugs?: of course!
Have sex?: like its my job!
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no, with farm animals
Live in the moment?: sure
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: a potato
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: about a farm
Play an instrument?: skin flute
Believe there is life on other planets?: no
Remember your first love?: non applicable
Still love him/her?: no
Read the newspaper?: pee on it
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: of course
Believe in miracles?: how else would you explain me?
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: hell no jiggah!
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: nope
Consider love a mistake?: yes!
Like the taste of alcohol?: oh yeah!
Have a favorite candy?: potato
Believe in astrology?: yes
Believe in magic?: kate archibalds very own brand of magic, yes
Believe in God?: no
Pray?: i know praying mantis?
Go to church?: the church of jesus christ of later day saints
Have any secrets?: no...but doug tries to get me to tell him things
Have any pets: a bitch face of a dog
Do well in school?: pishaw...
Go to or plan to go to college?: no, i plan on being a dirty bum of a hippie like my brother
Have a major?: suckin it
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: yes, specially crazy asian grandmothers, right pat?
Wear hats?: bandanas
Have any piercings?: yes
Have any tattoos?: my ass on my ass
Hate yourself?: no, just you
Have an obsession? evan
Have a secret crush?: evan!!!!!!
Do they know yet?: whats up with the dolphins?
Collect anything?: mold, gross milk, pop cans, cereal boxes
Have a best friend?: kate!
Wish on stars?: soemtimes
Like your handwriting?: sure
Have any bad habits?: suckin it
Care about looks?: my ass is huge!

evan wrote most of this while i was on the phone
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Wednesday, June 27th, 2001

Subject:"gross".....says doug luke
Time:9:50 pm.
today was a good time. i woke up...played guitar for a bit, alex came over, we visited doug. doug made me laugh, as did alex. "beer, HIGH FIVE!!" *slap. yadda yadda. im so incredibly tired right now. im going to sleep in a minute. pat just dropped me off, i went to his house and we swam where we beat each other up and acted like we were five years old. good times. i sat in this little kids floaty thing, it was uhhh....sort of uncomfortale. pat picked me up and threw me around in it where it hurt like a million and one times worse. we got kim, and she came back to pats house. i fell asleep, only to be later woke up by pat and kim "doin' it" right next to me. they really werent but it was funny. so i went back to sleep, and pat nudged me.....where he pretended to be jerking off. "asshole!". hahaha. im home now. tired as ever. pats house makes me sleepy. good night kids.
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Time:1:10 am.
evan came over today, as did kevin. i cut his hair and he looks hot now. we went swimming where my top decided to radomly come up. "fix yourslef....FIX YOURSELF!", says evan. from now on im wearing one of those old lady bathing suits with the skirt. that would be amazing. would you still like me? yeah, pools are always a good time with evan and his *shhhhhh*, third nipple. the poor boy floats. later i got my cuddle on, good times. evan doesnt hate alex, alex dosent hate evan, i was a happy kid. i listened to my new reinforce cd. the newer, more "emo" version of reinforce.

as for doug: your a tard

[bad things of the day]
-protien pills
-protien mix
-soy milk
-sleeping for 12 hours
-random boob flashes
-wearing a 6 year olds shirt

[good things of the day]
-seeing kevin for the first time in over a month
-evans triple nipple
-good night kisses
-late night conversations
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Tuesday, June 26th, 2001

Subject:"West side mutha' fucka"
Time:6:31 pm.
i just woke up. i feel so shitty, so drained. i woke up today after getting less than 4 hours of sleep to go to school, sit thier and discuss with my guidence counsler why i dont feel the need i have to go to summer school. im not going to waste my time to just fail again. fuck her. as for my mom. fuck you too. because i didnt get enough sleep and i felt sick she called my doctor, they decided im not getting enough protien...so she bought me huge protien pills and protien powder, ect, ect. i hate her. i was half asleep when she gave me the pill and i didnt realize it was so big, i gaged. shes bitching right now to me and evan about how our heart is going to shut down. blah blah blah. die.
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Monday, June 25th, 2001

Time:1:28 pm.
im dont think its possible to be any more pissed off right now. my mom came in the garage, woke me up to tell me i failed my chemistry exam. BY FOUR FUCKING POINTS!!! yeah, 61...how terrible is that. granted the fact i didnt study and what not, i was hoping to fail by some big amount. i wouldve been happier getting a 47. i wouldve felt accomplished i at least got that much credit, but at the same time know that i didnt have a prayer in the world to help me pass. so anyway, my mom said i HAVE to go to summer school. i wanted to punch her in her teeth. she comes out later and says i can get a tutor. i dont care, let them waste thier money. either way im going to fail again.

yesterday was fun. i finally went to sleep at 7 30 am, haha..yes thats right 7.30 am. i was so tired i sleept till 2. my dog ran away and neerly got hit by a car, good times. pat and kim came over, i was in the garage listening to count me out and half way sleeping. pat dosent have a car horn so to get my attention he reves his engine. well, the fact that thier was music on and me sleeping i didnt hear him. so instead of coming upstairs to get me, the tards drive around my drive way for 15 minutes. we rocked out, kim made fun of me....oh wait, they all did. pat dropped me off, and after that, the night was defintly a good time. im still super pissed i failed my exam. i should tell mrs. clark to suck it tomarrow. wouldnt that be funny.
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Friday, June 22nd, 2001

Subject:C'mon feel the noise...
Time:12:44 pm.
im so tired. i honestly think my 3 hours of sleep for every day this week has caught up to me. i dont want to do a thing today. id rather stay home and sleep. its nearly 1 and my eyes hurt. the feeling your eyes get when your so over tired they start to hurt. blah blah..anyway.

happy birthday to my sexy evan. hes the big one eight today. i hear he's going to a rave! oh wait, no...never mind, i was thinking of somone else. haha, shhh.

im going to sleep for a little bit, im feeling the need to listen to the nerve agents. hmmm,i should go do that.
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Time:12:27 am.
i was bored so i did another random search. i came acorss this korn kid fag. he used words such as..."daaaaaayum", "cigs" and "dank". i laughed so hard. he talked about getting high in like every single entry. people like that are funny. they suck a lot... but thier funny.
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Thursday, June 21st, 2001

Subject:studying+colleen=infanite sleep
Time:4:50 pm.
i noticed we all wrote about that those sweaty fat kids in some way or another...one fell on kim, one pressed his boobs on evan, one sang terribly, one even sang the guitar part to a weezer song, and one that i "gave the boot". i went to bed at like 3 last night, i was hoping to get some studying done but obviously that was a joke. i didnt look at any notes or anything. i first peeled open my chemistry review book today. i swear, that book had dust and cobwebs. anyway, i took the bitch of an exam and it was hard. really hard. i did the old method of guessing.."well, thier hasnt been a 3 in a while, i think that might look good". yeah, im a retard. so i gave up, wrote any anwser at all, and finished a half hour before the earliest time to leave. i put my head down and fell asleep. good times. i was so tired today, so i went in my moms room and slept for about 5 hours. im awake now, and im tired again...tongiht im going to watch movies and such. fun times, maby we can be tards and swim at 1 30 am again. thats my talk for now.
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Subject:exhale, another wasted breathe...
Time:1:06 am.
the show tonight was fun. top highlights of my day:

-a detailed trip around the ghetto of buffalo given by pat

-numerous fat people spottings

- men drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag...

-discussing evans third nipple

-getting a mudvayne cd, witch evan swiped off the table. horrible band, but its funny, evan just walked away with 4 in his hand.

-attempting to ride a broken down "juicer"

thats all, im tired of wrighting, im tired all together. night.
-an incredibly gross whore, who looked like a man

-seeing a good show, dashboard confessional rocks.

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2001

Subject:"if i gave you a dollar, would you jump in the pool?"
Time:2:09 pm.
i took my math exam today, hard...i hate math. i was awake forever last night, so when i woke up this morning i nearly fell down the stairs...witch wouldve been a riot, even at 7 am.
im going to see dashboard confessional tongiht. i might actually say more than one word to *bad ass evan* i doubt it though. i just ate a veggie burger. im going to go play karate champ..."if" i can get my jewish nintendo to work.
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Tuesday, June 19th, 2001

Subject:High five for failure!
Time:11:40 am.
i took my u.s history exam today. i started studying for it last night at about 11:30. my friend came over to help me. we studyed untill 1.30, that was good enough. the questions were easy, and the 1st essay was. the second one i nearly pissed my self. i didnt study any of the foreign poicies....i dont think we were even told to watch out for them. oh well, its over now, and like my usuall essay wrighting skills i half assed my way through it. amazing. today is nothing but studying as well. math is tomarrow, i shouldnt go to that, or my chemistry exam for that matter. oh well, maby my study bud can come over and help me pass my math exam.

on a much happier note...the woman from saigon emialed me saying she was sorry that someone out bid me and got the moped i wanted. she said she had another one i might like, and if i do its all mine. its rad...heres a picture of it. this one is definitly going to me mine though, no questions about it. no one to bid against or anything. i can wait to get a little imagrant in the package! "where i sleep"....haha. oh wow.
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Monday, June 18th, 2001

Subject:a night at showplace.......
Time:1:11 am.
i totally wish i went to the poison/quiet riot show tonight. i went with evan to the grade show though. it was a good time. it wasnt however an amzing old school metal show. *sigh. the show was good, grade played my favorite song last. dirty fat kids who had to have weighed at least 300 pounds raised thier arms on decided to place them on my head, it was disqusting. then people started knocking in to me. it usually doesnt bother me at all, but beacuse me and pat killed each other last night my arms hurt like a bitch. so evan pulled me in front of him and i stood thier the rest of the time. thanks evan. it smelt like beer and vomit. i hate showplace.

internet booty calls rock

XcementshoesX: how many makeout breaks are we talking about taking tomorrow?
xbuildtobreakx: i dont know. like.....a million
XcementshoesX: give me an apporiximate makeout time to study time ratio
xbuildtobreakx: a million to one.
XcementshoesX: so like, i say "we kicked england's ass" then you jump on me and we don't stop until it's time for you to leave for your exam?

oh man....

someone is retarted...no names. inside jokes rule.
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Sunday, June 17th, 2001

Time:12:04 am.
Mood: restless.
wow, my hands are shaking like crazy. i have no idea why either. weird. anyway, last night when i went out, i got home at like 3 soemthing. my parents thought i was in bed so they locked the door. i slept in the garage, i couldnt sleep so i played nintendo until it stoped working. i saw some crazy informercial about balding women and one of them looked like evan. *good evan*. anyway, i was thinking about how im going to get back into the house with out my parents knowing i went out. needless to say the reason im stil alive is because i got lucky. when i woke up they were both not home. so i went and slept for hours. i woke up, kim and pat came over. it was fun. me and pat beat each other up like crazy. we're going to have so many brusies tomarrow. yeah, tomarrow me, evan, pat and kim are going to see grade. ye ha. rock.

we made fun of fat kids
me and kim took cute flags
we tried to ride the "juicer"
and we talked to some crazy, insane fat woman

all in all today was good
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Thursday, June 14th, 2001

Time:11:45 pm.
Mood: amused.
today was my english exam. it was easy. i got my yearbook. i went home, i wanted to sleep but rob called and wanted me to go out to eat with him and lori. second best, next to evan. anyway, i came home, slept. went out with pat and kim. it was to hot, i wanted to go home. so i went home. at like 10.30 deric calls and asks if he can stop by. of course i said yes. *swoon*. anyway...he came over, acted cute, gave me a kiss. good times.

oh yeah! my little cousin came over, hes 3 years old. haha, i threw a ball in the pool for the dog, and the little retard jumped in. (the boy i mean)it was the best thing ever. carrie (his mom) jumped in right after him. he sank to the bottom. it was the funiest thing ever! my mother nearly had a heart attack. wow, i giggled at the stupidity of my cusin. granted he's only 3 it was still amazingly funny to see a baby sink to the bottom of a pool. ok, ill stop there so i dont further seem like an asshole.
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